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What should I do if my car fails its MOT?


If your vehicle does not meet the standards set out by the DVSA it will fail its MOT and must be repaired before an MOT pass certificate can be issued. A valid MOT certificate is a legal requirement in the UK and you will be unable to renew your road tax until a current MOT pass certificate is issued.


The nominated tester at the centre will provide a report on the areas in which your vehicle failed and will be able to provide advice in order to rectify any issues highlighted during the MOT test.

Deeping Direct MOT, Servicing & Repair Centre in Market Deeping, Peterborough. M.O.T. Failure & Retest info for What should I do if my car fails it's MOT? and How to claim a free MOT retest. Cars, Vans & Motorbikes, Class 1, Class 2, Class 4, Class 7. Market Deeping, Deeping St James, Langtoft, Baston, Maxey, West Deeping and Deeping Gate.

MOT Failure & Retest

Our flexibility and dedication to you means we give you a whopping 10 working days to exact the repairs and return for a re-test.

How to claim an MOT re-test free of charge


Many test centres follow strict DVSA rules about free re-tests, only giving free re-tests:


  • If the vehicle has failed the MOT and is left at the testing station for repair and re-test and does not leave the testing station, then the re-test is free.

  • If the vehicle fails because of one or more specific items (see list below), provided the vehicle is returned for re-test by the end of the next working day, then no fee applies.


Our flexible and helpful team want to give you the time and alleviate your worries giving you 10 working days to exact the repairs and return for a re-test.  Repairs can also be made by our team if you require and the re-test should only take between 10-20mins. Please note that after 10 working days you will be required to pay for a full MOT.

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