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The History of

Deeping Direct Ltd

(Formally Deeping Direct Deliveries)

Established in 1970

Scroll through to experience the history of Deeping Direct Deliveries from light haulage to heavy haulage to Container Hire & delivery.


Alan A Eve

Alan first started the company under the name A.A.Eve in the 1960s with services in agricultural repairs. It wasn't until late 1960 or early 1970 that the first Light Haulage vehicles were bought.



Creating a base

A workshop was already in place for Agricultural repairs, Alan used the land around this workshop to build a yard and a house as a base for operations.


Larger Machines

Meant Deeping Direct Deliveries needed bigger cranes and bigger lorries. So as the demand grew bigger - so did Deeping Direct Deliveries.




A second workshop was built to accommodate for the ever growing commercial vehicle repairs and repairs on Deeping Direct Deliveries' ever growing fleet.



Range of Vehicles

A small fleet of vehicles for different needs was being accumulated. Deeping Direct Deliveries were becoming experts in Machinery and Heavy Lifting.


Container Hire

Heavy haulage and the commercial workshops were still the main source of work. Around 1995 however, Deeping Direct Deliveries started hiring containers out for storage, and it became popular.



New MOT workshop & Base refit

Construction started on a new workshop with the demand for MOT, Servicing & Repairs. The current base of operations also had a face lift with concrete flooring needed for the ever growing fleet of large vehicles.


A Big Fleet

Around 2005, the new workshop was built, the compound reinforced with concrete to support the heavy lorries and the fleet was at its strongest and largest with massive cranes for Heavy lifting.




Self Storage

Around 2007 the first Self Store units were occupied. With more and more units needed, Self Storage flourished into 2010 and onwards.



Container Hire & Storage Experts

Due to the ever growing need for Self Storage, more land was acquired - with over 260 units now on site. From 1960/1970, Deeping Direct has continued to develop from its Haulage background into the Storage experts and MOT, Servicing & Repairs experts they are today.


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