Deeping Direct Deliveries Storage Container Size guide or Size Calculator. We offer Self Storage or Storage unit rental Peterborough, Market Deeping and surrounding Deepings, Bourne, Spalding and Stamford. Self Storage Containers for hire are secure, safe, wind & watertight. 

Storage Container Size Guide - View our unit sizes

Storage Container sizes

6 FT Container

- Floor area - 36sq ft/3.35m2*

- Cubic Capacity - 235cu ft/6.66m3*

- Contents of a garden shed*

*All values are estimates and do vary

8 FT Container

- Floor area - 52sq ft/4.81m2*

- Cubic Capacity - 347cu ft/9.82m3*

- Contents of a Transit Van*

*All values are estimates and do vary

10 FT Container

- Floor area - 72sq ft/6.69m2*

- Cubic Capacity - 560cu ft/15.89m3*

- Contents of a small garage*

*All values are estimates and do vary

20 FT Container

- Floor area - 150sq ft/13.93m2*

- Cubic Capacity - 1160cu ft/32.89m3*

- Contents of a 2/3 bedroom house*

*All values are estimates and do vary

40 FT Container

- Floor area - 305sq ft/28.33m2*

- Cubic Capacity - 2360cu ft/66.83m3*

- Contents of a 4/5 bedroom house*

*All values are estimates and do vary

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